Posted by: publius1 | November 19, 2008

In Defense of the Immigrant…

In 1914 Mary Antin, a Russian immigrant who arrived in the United States as a child in 1894, wrote very eloquently in defense of the “new immigration” of the time. She wrote a book called “A Complete Gospel of Immigration.”

What immediately strikes one is the intense desire of those immigrants to become “Americans.” No, not talking cultural assimilation where they give up their heritage, but the desire to join in our community and our culture and make it a part of their own. It was frustrating to Antin that this was so difficult, and it was.

I’ll quote her, “The average immigrant of today [1900s], like the immigrant of 1620, comes to build…”

Let’s stop there. It’s very different. They do not seek to “build” today.
Today’s Mexican immigrants come to take. They work, and some work hard, and then they send most of what they make home. Or they are seasonal workers who return home, with their earnings, and many (most) without paying taxes.

While they are here, they also take liberties of our health and educational systems, free of charge.

This is pure insanity. The Democrats want more voters, the Republicans cheap labor.

I’ll continue Antin’s words:

“[they come] to build a civilized home under a civilized government, which diminishes the amount of barbarity in the world.”

They do not come today, as our ancestors did, to build a home. They come to take back their land, to take money, and to take from our liberal systems that beg to be exploited.

Who can blame them? We make it so easy.

We are the best, last hope, but if we continue to allow our politicians to sell us out, who knows what will happen.



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