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Religion & Education

The Founding Fathers believed without a doubt that religion was key for the survival of the Republic. It established a code of ethics and conduct that was required if men were to live together and free. In terms of the continued removal of religion from education, consider the following:

So far has the experiment of eliminating religion from even
primary schools been pushed, that these have become truly
“Christless and Godless.” This change is recent. It is only
within a few years—within a generation—that the old methods
of disciplining the young in morals and religion have been
made to yield to the new ones resting on expediency, good
manners, and supposed worldly advantage. The beginnings
of the change were gradual; within the last ten years advocates
of the exclusion of all religious teaching have been loud,
urgent, imperative, and successful. The demand to secularize
education admits of no question.

The secularizing of our nation is of great concern today. Whereas people have taken the Constitution’s desire to disenfranchise religion (remove it form state sponsorship), as a cause for removing it altogether from our society.

So the question begs, “Can a republic, of all forms of government, endure, whose children, for generations, are educated in schools without religion, without God?”

Would it surprise you to learn the above quotations were from an article in the North American Review, titled, “Religion in Schools,” (written by Right Rev. B. J. McQuaid, D.D.) in April 1881?

It seems the secularization of education began a long time ago. What does this mean?



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